Cute French Bull Dog Video

French Bull Dogs present a wide range of talent and personalities. This fellow is tied up outside of a shop buy his owner ans is stopped by some pedestrians who then strike up a conversation with the little fellow. He seems to be unhappy about being left outside and has lots to say about the situation.


Visit My Frenglish Youtube Channel

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Here is an invitation to visit my YouTube Channel for Frenglish Thoughts. Having lived so long in France as a British Expat, I have quite a bit of insight that I share with regards to the adventures of daily life in France. I also make video presentations of many of my website posts and occasional travelogue videos of my trips around Europe and the Mediterranean.

Join Facebook Groups about France?

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Did you know you can join Facebook Groups about France? People get “Facebook Pages” confused with “Facebook Groups”, but they are really very different things. You will find that a Facebook Page is usually about a service or product that is being promoted either by an individual or a company. Facebook Groups are more like what used to be news bulletin boards or more recently forums on the net, but these groups are much more useful for messaging and interacting with other people with similar interests. Just go to the search bar in your Facebook account and type in a keyword phrase  like “French Food”.

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I have been posting photos here on this site for some time from my Instagram account. These photos, of course, are related to my life in France living as as British expat. Like all of my websites and blogs, I hope the photos I post will give those interested a window into what it is like to live in a different culture where you are not native to the language. Living and working in France has been a wonderful  blessing to me over most of my adult life.

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Some French Tips for the English


Good Advice for the Anglos Living in France

There are things you know and do not know about French people, French culture, and French customs. Join me on my web pages and watch my videos for some practical advice about living and working among the French!

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So, you want to live in France?

Deutsch: Paris: Eiffelturm und Marsfeld

Deutsch: Paris: Eiffelturm und Marsfeld (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You say you want to come and live in France? If so, you are both bold… and a bit of a glutton for punishment. I only say that because the French seem to make it as difficult as possible for us non-French folks to come and live here. Not that this is such a bad thing. France has had its fair share of immigration problems over the years due to previously lax immigration policies, and since 2006 and most recently again in 2012, for those seeking French nationality has tightened up the rules for people like us who want to come and stay here as more than just another tourist on holiday.


via So, you want to live in France? Bonne chance. – The Bold Soul™: A Writer’s Life in Paris.



Honest Advice about Moving to France

Antibes, France

Antibes, France (Photo credit: szeke)

I don’t want to be the one to crush people’s dreams. Really, I don’t.But when I get emails from people asking, “Do I really need a visa to stay in France? Why can’t I just buy a one way plane ticket and move there?” or “I don’t speak a word of French, how hard will it be for me to find a job?”, I just have to say…really?


via Chez Loulou: Honest Advice About Moving to France.