Cute French Bull Dog Video

French Bull Dogs present a wide range of talent and personalities. This fellow is tied up outside of a shop buy his owner ans is stopped by some pedestrians who then strike up a conversation with the little fellow. He seems to be unhappy about being left outside and has lots to say about the situation.


Tips for Motoring in France


Survival Tips for Driving in France

In this short video I list a few tips from a post on my website which I consider to be vital for the newly-landed Anglo-Saxon expat driver (and pedestrian). These should be known when it comes to driving in a country where, for most, getting your hands on a steering wheel means that from now on it’s every man for himself. They’re based on my own experiences during more than 40 years of survival on French roads. Since the subject is practically inexhaustible, I will be providing more tips in the future.

Being a British expat in France: mad or courageous?

WE’RE neither courageous nor mad…just prefer the French way of life and values. I have not yet met any unfriendly French people and they seem very willing to help with any problems which inevitably arise in another country.”

Even the bureaucrats seem able to help more and be more caring than English ones.

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Living in France

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Almost everyone knows that France is the most popular tourist destination in Europe. As a British Expat living in France for over 40 years, I can assure you there are many reasons why this is true. In this blog I highlight many of the things that  make living in France so popular for so many people. So just exactly what does France have to offer? Read on…