About My Frenglish Thoughts

My name is Barry A. Whittingham and I have had a life-long love affair with France. This can be traced back to the tender age of eleven when I began learning French at school. Some years later I was still passionate enough to study French language and literature at Reading University where I graduated long ago.

Although I was born a Brit, after many years of living in France I can safely be labeled a proud “Frenglishman”.

After setting up my own English language teaching, translation and interpreting business, I spent the next 40 years observing and experiencing the many culture clashes between les rosbifs and the frogs.

Unlike the character with a split personality I created for my book, I seldom hear voices and live a relatively sane life with my French companion, Renée, in the Jura region of France.

Now retired, my interests and pastimes include an occasional round of golf, gardening, foreign travel, the 19th century English and American novel, French cooking, a glass or two of good wine…and, of course, creative writing.

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