A Frenglishman In Instanbul – Call of France

“Barfield School” The First Book in the Trilogy “Call of France”.

Istanbul (historically also known as Constantinople and Byzantium)

Once the eastern terminus of the famed Orient Express, Istanbul as a destination is perhaps now considered a bit dubious for western travelers. We managed a trip to visit Istanbul in the late summer of 2015. Our personal photo collection was not that extensive, but these impressive photos of Istanbul resourced on the web create a true sense of the sights encountered on such a trip.

Istanbul is an ancient city that connects Europe and Asia via the
Bosphorus Strait. The history of this old city reflects a culture clash of the many empires that have ruled from this location. In the Sultanahmet district, the Roman-era Hippodrome in centuries past was the site of chariot races. Egyptian obelisks still also remain in the city. The famous Byzantine Hagia Sophia features an impressive dome, displaying historic Christian mosaics.

Music Credit:
“Ibn Al-Noor”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

About the Music:
“Evocative of the Arab world, the music begins stoically; the melody accentuated by simple percussive sounds. Within the first minute, the strings hypnotize with their sinuous melody, the tribal drumming awakening the senses. In the third minute the piece changes to a heavy, dangerous string and tribal drumming that
builds until all of the instruments come together in a fitful way, until the abrupt ending.”

Special Image Credits:

étiquette à bagage, archives CIWL, (c)wagons-lits diffusion, paris

logo CIWL (c) wagons-lits diffusion, Paris


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