The Saint-Pierre Cathedral of Saint-Claude

The Saint-Pierre Cathedral of Saint-Claude. Building begin around 1386

Photo Credit: Barry Whittingham

“The present cathedral was previously the church of the former Condat Abbey (founded in the 5th century), which with the village that grew up round it soon acquired however the name of Saint-Oyand or Saint-Oyend after Saint Eugendus (d. 510), fourth abbot and a popular saint. In 687 Saint Claudius resigned as Bishop of Besançon and became the twelfth abbot. After he died, in 696, his grave became a very popular pilgrimage centre, to the extent that by the thirteenth century, the name “Saint-Claude” had become more used than that of “Saint-Oyand”, which it superseded.” -via Wikepedia


Saint-Claude (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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