French Flag Facts

xavier-buaillon-National flag of France

xavier-buaillon-National flag of France (Photo credit: xavier buaillon)

Le bleu, blanc, rouge, which translate into “the blue white and red”, or Le drapeau Tricolore which means the “The Tri-colour flag”.During the French revolution in 1789, the Royal families whose emblem was a white flag, where afronted by the revolutionaries of Paris, who wore a red and white rossette, the colours of Paris.After the taking of the Bastille in Paris 14 July 1789, the French king Louis XVI, came to the capital city on the 17th of July 1789, and offically recognised La Garde Nationale the new national guard, he wore a rosette with the colours, blue, white and red. The white being added by La Fayette, leader of the Garde Nationale.

via French Flag.



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