French Region of Champagne Ardennes

A Champagne Life

A Champagne Life (Photo credit: Vainsang)

The Region of Champagne-Ardennes, in the north-east of France, is comprised of the départements of Ardennes, Marne, Aube and Haute-Marne. However, the ‘region’, designated for the production of Champagne, also includes parts of the adjoining départements of Yonne [in Burgundy, to the south], Aisne [in Picardie, to the west], Seine-et-Marne [in Ile-de-France, to the west, south of Picardie], and Meuse [in Lorraine, to the east]. The old French province of Champagne roughly covered this same area. The name ‘Champagne’, is derived from the Latin word campagna, meaning countryside.

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