Examples of Franglais

French expressions used in English (some linguists say up to a third of all English words stem from French):

  • bête noire
  • bon vivant
  • nonchalance
  • fait accompli
  • femme fatale
  • ménage à trois
  • parvenu
  • enfânt gaté
  • arrière-pensée
  • à contre-coeur
  • je ne sais quoi

English expressions adopted by the French:

  • Standing ovation
  • Happy hour
  • Newsletter
  • Top model
  • Showcase
  • Gay
  • Scanner
  • Dealer (drug)

English words translated into French and now used:

  • Un courriel (from email)
  • Une souris (computer mouse)
  • Une puce (computer chip)
  • Un pirate (computer hacker)
  • Un voyagiste (tour operator)

French translations from English that have failed:

  • Un sac gonflable (airbag)
  • Une causette (internet chat)
  • Paire-à-paire (peer to peer) – but could yet catch on

False friends – French expressions that use English words but different meanings:

  • Le smoking (dinner jacket)
  • Le footing (jogging)
  • Le parking (car park)

via Examples of Franglais – Telegraph

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